About the Trainer

Erika Slovikoski is a CPDT-KA, (Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed.) Additional Certifications completed:
  • SF SPCA Dog Training Internship Program
  • Canine Behavior Academy
  • Animal Law Enforcement Academy
  • Investigation Procedures
  • Illegal Animal Fighting
  • Animal Law Enforcement 
  • Pet CPR & First Aid- Pet Tech

Erika Slovikoski teaches public dog training classes at the San Francisco SPCA. She has two dogs, Orion and Loba. Orion is a 7 year old 20 pound All-American mix who is a graduate of Basic Training, as well as tricks, canine circus and stunt dog classes. He has trained in Flyball and Agility, and successfully competed and earned multiple titles in Barn Hunt. He is currently working on his Masters Title, and he’s always up for anything. Loba is a 7 year old Sable German Shepherd who is a graduate of Reactive Rover 1 and 2, and is excellent in nose work. She is currently developing her skills as she hunts for birch, anise and clove odors in many different locations and scenarios!

Erika has experience in shelter dog enrichment with Give a Dog a Bone, the custody dog program at SF Animal Care and Control. She also has experience in shelter management, including behavior evaluations, and dog rescue community work. She teaches SF SPCA volunteer classes and is a volunteer mentor. She teaches Reactive Rover classes, as well as many others.

Her interests include working with reactive dogs, reactivity prevention, basic training, fun tricks, and nose work. Her emphasis is on compassion and fun for both dog and handler, to develop a team dynamic with fun as part of the solid foundation.

Erika in Action


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