• “I don’t know what we, or our two dogs, would do without Erika. She repeatedly goes above and beyond to make sure our two rescue dogs are loved, cared for and exercised. One of our dogs is reactive and she has worked with him, training extensively to help calm him down and he is so much happier. She also trains while she walks our other dog and has taught him lots of fun party tricks. If one of the dogs has an injury, she takes the time to check on them and sends almost daily reports with photos about the time she spends with them. Erika is prompt, professional, and truly feels like a member of our family!”- Liz J. (Tiger and Dewey) San Francisco
  • “Erika is the best dog walker I have ever met. She exercises, plays with, and protects our little guy and he loves her. In fact, even though we hired her as a walker, not a trainer, he has been much better behaved since she came into his life. Erika just plain knows dogs of all kinds.”- Gordon E. (Schnitzel) San Francisco
  • “Erika is by far the most amazing dog trainer I have ever known! We were put in touch with her through a referral from the SPCA and she has truly been such a blessing to our family. We reached out to Erika for help with our two rescue babies, Pepe and Pipsqueak. Pepe was suffering from severe leash aggression and my sweet pup Pipsqueak was starting to take on this bad behavior…frankly, we were at such a loss and it was so frustrating! Nothing seemed to work, so one day, in tears, I met up with Erika. From the moment the pups met her, I knew we hit the jackpot. She had a calm, quiet, respectful demeanor that they just responded so well to! Most importantly, she understood Pepe. She knew that what he needed was space from other dogs; that he was just scared. Within a week they were best of pals (Pipsqueak just tagging along for the ride and some good hand targeting fun.) Erika earned Pepe’s trust, he knows she has his back when a scary dog or person comes up… Pepe focuses on Erika and they play a fun “dance” or hand target game to ease his mind instead of barking or lunging. We now have a new baby in the family, and because of Erika I can rest easy knowing my “first babies” are solidly taken care of. She is such a great support to our family. I truly believe she thinks of Pepe & Pipsqueak as part of her family as well, sending me daily emails about their walks and which friends they saw that day. Pepe has even made several dog friends at the park, Nacho and Bean in particular! The pictures she sends me of their “posse” literally make my day! We’ve come such a long way as a family thanks to Erika and are so grateful!-Melissa L. (Pepe and Pipsqueak) San Francisco
  • Erika is awesome! She clearly has a lot of passion for her job for training animals, and we are positively thrilled with our experience with her. She has done excellent work with our puppy Dunkin’, helping him grow out of some if his bad childhood habits. Dunkin’ absolutely loves her, and in addition to the great work she has done with him, she has been super flexible with scheduling and has demonstrated to us that she is both reliable and responsible. She always comes up with new ideas to help keep our super energetic puppy occupied and happy, and she provides us with an abundance of guidance and resources so we can continue our training with him when she is not around.  -Ian S. (Dunkin) San Francisco
  • My partner and I just completed an SFCA dog training class lead by Erika. We have a cutie pie little chinese crested who can charm the pants off of you – but is a bit of a ditz when it comes to training. After 5 classes, our creature was a little star. He even sat, and touched our hand, and paid some attention. THAT was a miracle. Erika is to be credited with these little miracles. She was so funny and encouraging to not only our little guy, but also to my partner and myself. If you are looking for a trainer, they don’t come any better than Erika. We cannot recommend her enough!
    – Wickie S. & Jed B.

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